Friday, May 18, 2007

The Good-Byes Begin

Well, fam, the good-byes have officially begun. Jim and I both had our last days at our respective jobs this past Wednesday, and then we promptly sold our car on Thursday! We posted the ad for our car about six weeks ago but hadn't had any interested buyers until this week. On Tuesday a woman looked at the car, and by Thursday afternoon she had purchased it from us and very excitedly drove away, leaving us with only the memories (our first car as a married couple) and the I-Pass and the license plates. "I love this car," she kept saying. I guess we really are moving now! As our time in Wheaton is drawing to a close, we are thankful for how the Lord has taken care of us here the last three years - from grad school to employment to housing to deeper friendships - and how He is helping us close out our time here - selling our car and paying off bills and leaving our jobs on good terms and re-visiting favorite places and people to say good-bye. So the countdown to Cape Town begins (June 26)!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

June 26 Departure for Cape Town

Praise God - the decision has been made! We are excited to tell you all that Jim - newly graduated from Wheaton College Grad School with a Master's in Biblical Studies - has decided to enter the University of Cape Town as a student in the Master's of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Education program. The semester begins in July, so we will be flying out on June 26. Fortunately, we now have some contacts there (due to our trip last December), so we will have some people to greet us, host us, and help us get situated the first few weeks.

There's a lot to do in the brief time left before we take off - including getting visas, leaving our current jobs, doing a couple of trips to see family, packing (how do we have so much stuff?), organizing our finances, and saying good-byes, so pray that all the details would come together smoothly and that we would continue to have peace about this decision. We are eager to see all that God has in store with this new adventure, and hope that we will be challenged and grown in new ways as we live and study in this place. More details to come soon!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

May Birthdays

Hi all, this is posted from Port Orchard as the TOG himself, and his youthfuller companion passes through on the way to Wheaton.
Here is the single May birthday:  Elizabeth Grace Polak, May 21